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Pooja Schedule

Monthly poojas has been an ongoing tradition in the Hong Kong Chinmaya Ashram. Open to everyone, these are opportunities for people to come together for worship and celebrations. Every month, a family can host the pooja in the ashram, inviting their friends and family to join them to either bow in gratitude, celebrate a birth, marriage, success or just life, or remember a loved one and honour their death anniversary.

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Shiva Pooja

The Shiva Pooja occurs every fourth Monday of every month, during which the Tryambakam mantra is chanted 108 times. This powerful mantra is not only a tribute to Lord Shiva, but it also helps alleviate negativity, manifesting in physical diseases or even mental fears. 

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Hanuman Pooja

The Hanuman Pooja occurs every second Tuesday of every month, during which the Hanuman Chalisa is chanted seven times. This popular chant is one that many identify with and is well known to help our dreams and wishes come true. 

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