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(Schedules for next year, age groups, timings etc) (Balvihar, CHYK, Adult) 

Chinmaya Mission Hong Kong holds regular classes for all.


Shishuvihar is a parent-child class following the structure of a modern playgroup where the little participants, under the watchful eye of their respective guardians, imbibe specific values through songs, stories, and arts and crafts, in a manner appropriate to their age and aptitude. Various props, involving an array of colours, shapes, and forms, are used to relay the information to the kids. Classes are held once a week for an hour and the syllabus is centralized. Ultimately, this is an opportunity for the parent and child to bond, learn, and grow together.

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Children who had spiritual values instilled into them from the onset would be able to lead a more positive lifestyle. Accordingly, Swami Chinmayananda he devised a weekly gathering of children, and entitled it ‘Bala Vihar’ using the medium of storytelling to impart values, introducing children to the philosophy of the scriptures as well as teaching them chanting and bhajans. Weekly classes are offered in Hong Kong, where children can come together and embrace the knowledge of the scriptures under the guidance of a trained teacher who uses an interactive approach. We have age-specific classes for children between 4 to 18 years in various locations around Hong Kong.

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Shishuvihar & Balvihar Registration Form

Youth Group

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK) classes are tailored to the dynamic nature of youth. A discussion group-based class is held weekly to encourage questioning, debate, and sharing of perspectives. The classes are based on a spiritual text but allow the youth the explore the logic and reasoning for the knowledge given. 


In addition to these classes, there are constant regular activities, as well as annual activities, that take place to further sow core values into individuals. From residential retreats (camps) to interactive workshops, there are a number of events for any individual to participate in and enjoy. 

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Adult Study Classes

There are several weekly classes based on various spiritual texts conducted by Swamini Supriyananda, during which people can attend in person at the ashram or join online via Zoom. Regular satsang and contemplation on the scriptures are what anchors us in higher thinking and facilitate change in thinking in our personalities.

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