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In the fact-pasted material mayhem of Hong Kong specifically, the Chinmaya Mission offers the teaching of values that anchors individuals to the firm foundation of the core truths. Situated in Tsim Sha Tsui for the last 30 years now, this ashram has grown to watch generations come and thrive in both the culture and the knowledge of the scriptures. During this time, the ashram has become a symbol of love for the community at large and a home for numerous families personally. 


There are an array of activities, weekly classes (all of which are conducted in English, are available for all age groups, and can additionally be accessed online via Zoom if not in person), and yearly camps and retreats for individuals to partake in. Beyond this, workshops are occasionally held by visiting speakers, as well as community-based events to celebrate the varying Hindu festivals. In embracing the Vedic spirit that the highest knowledge should be passed freely to all, the Hong Kong Ashram welcomes you. 

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Chinmaya Mission Hong Kong holds regular classes for all.

(Schedules for next year, age groups, timings etc) 



Youth group (Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK) classes)

Adult study classes


Monthly poojas have been an ongoing tradition in the Hong Kong Chinmaya Ashram. Open to everyone, these are opportunities for people to come together for worship and celebrations. Every month, a family can host the pooja in the ashram, inviting their friends and family to join them to either bow in gratitude, celebrate a birth, marriage, success or just life, or remember a loved one and honour their death anniversary.


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