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Hanuman Mela

9th Jun 2016

The Hanuman Mela was a one-day carnival for families that took place in 2016. The event was blessed with the presence of Pujya Swami Swaroopananda ji. Over 7,000 people attended the Mela, which featured activities and entertainment for all age groups.

Some of the key highlights of the Hanuman Mela included:

  • Games and activities for children and families

  • Food stalls offering a variety of delicious Indian cuisine

  • A yoga session led by experienced instructors

  • Cultural performances showcasing traditional music and dance

The Hanuman Mela provided a vibrant, joyful atmosphere for the local community to come together, celebrate their faith and heritage, and enjoy a fun-filled day of festivities. The large turnout and diverse programming made it a memorable event for all who attended.

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